People from all over the world are constantly looking for ways to get creative with their piercings. These body piercings have become a way for people to express themselves and showcase their commitment to a particular lifestyle. As most people push the boundary of body modification to the extreme, having weird piercings no longer remains strange. They have become a reality. No matter your purpose of piercing, we have put together some crazy body piercings that will make you look twice.

  1. Elf Piercing

Elf piercing is also known as the “pointy ears”. This kind of piercing is done by connecting two helixes, one behind the ear and one above it, connected with a short curved barbell to pull both sides of the ear toward each other, creating an Elvin point.

As the picture shows, the pointer ear looks cool, but having this piercing done is not a good idea. People are following the trend to look trendy and cool, but it’s more challenging than it seems to be and damages your ears.

  • Eyelid piercing

Eyelid piercing is a piercing where the lid of the eyes, the skin covering the eye’s surface, is pierced, and a captive bead ring is inserted through it.

This kind of piercing is not recommended as the area is very sensitive and prone to infections easily. Moreover, the jewellery can irritate the area and cause complications. However, some still opt for this piercing to look unique without knowing the consequences.

  • Mandible Piercing

The mandible piercing is another prominent oral piercing that starts from the base of the tongue and passes through several layers of tissues emerging underneath the skin. Thus, if you meet someone with this kind of piercing, you can imagine the depth of the piercing by looking at the one metal ball attached to the jaw a few inches to the chin and another metal ball that is present underneath the tongue.

This sounds quite crazy. Remember, this kind of piercing is dangerous and has a high risk of infection.

  • Uvula Piercing

You might be surprised that this is also the kind of piercing that exists, and people are doing it to look different from others. This piercing is done by perforating the uvula (a soft flap of tissue hanging down at the back of the mouth).

This piercing is rare and can be a unique experience for piercing enthusiasts. Before choosing this, make sure you can bear the pain, as this piercing is one of the most painful.

  • Clavicle Piercing

Clavicle piercing is one of the weird piercings. This piercing is done by perforating the skin of the collarbone. The piercing enters the top of the collarbone and exits just below it. It can be a dangerous attempt as the major nerve resides under the collarbone as the needle passes behind the collarbone, making it risky. Therefore, very few piercers take a chance to attempt this piercing.

  • Ankle piercing

  We usually hear about many kinds of piercing, but Ankle piercing sounds weird. But this is one of the prevalent piercings, especially among the guys. Ankle piercing is done below the joint region or above it.

This kind of piercing needs a lot of care since it is in the lower region of the body; thus, it is more inclined towards dust and gas, which can lead to infection. Moreover, you cannot limit the movement of this area, which increases the chances of complications.

  • Achilles Heel Piercing

Achilles Heel piercing is one of the piercings that passes through the heel between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. This is one of the crazy yet risky piercings and is extremely rare. The piercing placement is done on either one side or both sides of the Ankle and can be adorned with various jewellery options.

The part where the Achilles tendon is present is a sensitive area due to which you can feel more pain as compared to other types of piercings.

  • Throat Corset Piercing

This piercing is one of the most beautiful piercings you can have. It may look crazy, but the final look will fall in love with it. This piercing consists of multiple piercings opposite each other in a row, and a string or ribbon is fastened through them to give it the look of a corset. However, this piercing is rare due to its nature.

Most people do this on the back for shoots, but the throat is the most unusual area where it can be placed.

  • Spine Piercing

Spine piercings are dermal piercings that are more basic. Spine piercings are done on the back using single dermal anchors in a line. This piercing should be done by a professional piercer in order to avoid any risk.

You cannot change this piercing yourself. If you need to change it, you have to go to your piercer.


  1. Tongue web piercing

Tongue web piercing is the frenulum piercing. Frenulum is a connective tissue that connects the upper and lower lip of the mouth. The same frenulum is present under the tongues, which is comparatively longer. So, this piercing is done on the frenulum present under the tongue.

As the frenulum has very little tissue, which makes it more painful, so you might think thrice before getting this piercing done. Moreover, there is a high risk of getting your gums irritated; thus, it is not advised to get this piercing done.

Different piercings can be extreme, but seeing how people express themselves with their bodies is always cool. Tell us about the craziest piercing you’ve ever had.

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