Threadless Jewellery; Enhance your style with ease

Threadless Jewellery; Enhance your style with ease

You may have heard of threadless jewellery. It became most popular among individuals who loved to get their piercings done. With the advancement of technology, the concept of push-fit jewellery appeared that simplify the process of inserting jewellery into the piercing, thus providing ease and comfort. Many professional piercers prefer threadless piercing jewellery to be initial and healing piercings. This blog will cover the understanding of threadless jewellery and its benefits.

In 1997, threadless jewellery was also invented by Neo Metal and was also known as push fit / pull it jewellery. It does not look like threaded jewellery where you have to screw the ends; instead, they have a hollow shaft where you have to insert the pin by bending and pushing it. Threadless jewellery consists of two parts: a decorative top and a post with a hollow internal shaft. The top usually consists of gemstones or pearls, whereas the post is the thin straight bar with a small groove. The two pieces are bent together through tension created by the pin when slightly bent and pressed into the shaft.

How to wear threadless jewellery

Step 1

Gradually insert the post into the piercing hole. Don’t force it, and ensure the alignment is proper. If you find it difficult to insert, you can lubricate the post or use a taper to aid the insertion.

Step 2

As the post is inserted into the hole, secure it with the decorative post. Gradually press the top onto the post to ensure it is fixed safely. The easy way to put it into the shaft is to slightly bend the top when it goes halfway through the shaft and avoid bending it too hard. Otherwise, It might break .

Step 3

Check the jewellery to see if it is properly attached. If it is still loose or comes off easily, firmly press the top onto the post.

Taking off Threadless Jewellery

Taking off threadless jewellery is very stress-free. You have to hold both ends of the jewellery and pull them in opposite directions with a twisting motion. The pieces of threadless jewellery are tiny and can fall off while taking it off. So, do this process in an area where you can easily find out if it falls off.

Benefits of Threadless Body Jewellery

Choosing threadless jewellery for your initial piercing is essential as it will provide comfort, ease and safety for your piercing. Following are the benefits of threadless jewellery.

1. It provides safety to your piercing from bacteria contamination and infections. This lets them pass through the piercing smoothly, without harm or pain.

2. It securely keeps the jewellery in place, and there is less chance of accidentally falling out. Because of the tension created by threadless jewellery, it is difficult to remove and requires a little effort.

3. Comfort is the utmost priority when choosing jewellery for piercing, especially when it’s an initial piercing or in the process of healing. Threadless jewellery is best in it. It can be easy to put this jewellery on and take it off, that makes it a better choice for those who frequently change their jewellery

4. Threadless jewellery is usually made of high-quality material specially designed for those allergic to certain metals. If you are someone who is looking for comfortable jewellery and is going to have a new piercing, then this is the best option.

5. Due to its characteristic of not having a thread, it is less prone to infection and irritation because the smooth surface of the jewellery traps less or no bacteria, thus lessening the chances of irritation

6. Threadless jewellery prevents snagging and cannot get caught with clothes or other objects that can damage the piercing. Thus it becomes easy to take care of it. 

7. Threadless jewellery is unique in that it allows you to mix and match components to create the look you want. It is not gauge specific, which means you can fit decorative ends of your choice into 18, 16, 14 or 12 gauge posts or barbells. It is beneficial for both the piercer and jewellery wearer but can not be achieved with threaded jewellery.

8. It gives you a hassle-free experience as you can quickly change the jewellery according to your outfit and occasion.

Due to its popularity, threadless jewellery has become a common choice among all piercing lovers. Even piercers prefer threadless jewellery because of its comfort and ease. It is a great option for initial piercing because of its high-quality material that is unlikely to catch infection. Moreover, it provides you with plenty of jewellery options. You can mix and match the decorative ends to create a unique combination. In addition to this, you need to know how to wear threadless jewellery. Your piercer will guide you with the information that is required.

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